Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fear the fear!.

Ponder over the  Carmy fosters  story from my memory.Once there was a little child, as gay and innocent as a child could be.It ran here and there and ventured with lot of quriosity.And its mother thought this child is too curious.So she said."Dear child there is a dragon outside!" and the mother left.
                           The child started thinking. My goodness, a dragon?A ponderous,dangerous dragon, with blood shot eyes, fire oosing out of it nostrils! It had a shudder in the heart and ran as fast as it could into the house.It shut the doors and windows of the house  and sat in the darkned corners of its room and started weeping ;weeping as a child would.
                Days and weeks passed;weeks and months passed;months and years passed.The child did not dare to come out!You know, when you don't use your faculties; miscles or brain ; they  die out.
The child was diying slowly.
                      Every time the child heard the melody of birds in the garden ,or the merry making of kids in the groud outside, it wanted to run out and be there!But the very thought of the dreadful dragon shatted them all. At last the child one day thought, 'any how I am dying out; let me go out and have a look at this beautiful world out side and die in the hands of this bloody dragon! So ,slowly it went near a window and opened a window pane and slowly  peeped out.There was no dragon seen!Then the child started thinking,'My goodness gratious! How volumnous this creature must be! It is not even coming into the perview of my vision!May be  I am seeing only a small part of this huge creature!"So, it  immediately shut the window and sat in the darkened corner and started weeping; weeping as a would!
                            Days went on , and now the child is on the verge of death.So it thought ,"let me just go and have a glimpse of this beautiful world and die in the hands of this derty dragon".So, it slowly opened the door and put its first foot outside.Lo! for its wonder, it saw the dragon becoming a little samaller!It took one more step and  the dragon was becoming a little more smaller!Evey step the child took forward the drogan was becoming smaller and smaller!
                            At last the child reached near the dragon.It was so mall!The child became furious and shouted at the dragon."You dirty little dragon! You are after all so small ,that I can crush you under my feet!
Why did you keep me in the darked corners of my room all these years?
The dragon smiled and retorded "My dear Child , did I ever lell you that  Iam So volumonus in size? I never did.
Did I look at you with my Blood shot eyes? I never did. It was you, in your own imagination, made me a dangerous ponderous creature! Is that my fault?"
                  Friends look into each one of your heart! How many dragons are there?A mom who said that that career doesn't suit you. A father who said he cant efford to spend that much money on you.A fried wh commended on your abilities. An enterance exam or moving out! If only you were dare enough like the little child in the story,your life could have been different!look back and  you will see how unnessary was your fear! Learn to run towadrs your fear and embrace them! It is not late .The success is yours!
Ajith kumar Chelote


  1. I totally agree. Fear is an illusion~ yet a very strong illusion... so strong, that it always feels real (dragon). It's all about the power that WE give/don't give that dragon. He laughs in our face, knowing that he's not powerful at all, but finds a way to repeatedly fake us out.

    I actually just wrote about fear at Coach Your Mind. Thank you for your visit.


  2. Wow Mr. Chelote! I absolutely loved it. The post was so captivating and true. Being a narrative isn't so bad. Yes, you might help me along the way some day. Thanks for stopping by, and keep up the wonderful work. I'll be checking out some of your older posts later today...Be blessed....

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ajith. This story and the incident about your daughter shaving her head really made me think. Keep up the good work.


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