Friday, October 1, 2010

Research proposal in simple seven steps

Part one

The statement of the problem.

This is often a declarative statement. It is a goal showing the direction of the research.

Part two

The significance of the problem

The researcher should demonstrate is it worth the time, effort and expense of doing this research.

Part three

The Definitions, assumptions, limitations, and delimitations.


It is important to define all unusual terms in order to avoid misinterpretations.

Variables should be defined in operative terms.


They are what the researcher believes to be facts but can’t verify.


They are those conditions which are beyond the control of the researcher. The inability to randomly select and assign subjects to experimental group and control group are examples of limitations.


They are the boundaries of your study or conclusions that can’t be extended beyond the population sampled.

Part four

The Revision of related literature.

A summary of the related literature researched previously, provides evidence that the researcher is familiar with what is already known and what is still unknown.

The following important elements should be researched.

Reports of studies of closely related problems investigated.

Design, procedures and data gathering instruments used.

Populations sampled and methods used.

Variables that were defined.

Extraneous variables that could have affected the findings.

Faults that could have avoided and

Recommendations for further research.

Part five

The hypothesis

It is a tentative answer to a question. It is an intelligent guess which can be conformed ,deducing logical analysis of data relationship.

It should be reasonable.

It should be consistent with known facts and evidences.

It can be tested and proved.( true or false)

It should be stated in simplest possible terms.

Part Six


There are three parts.

Subjects, procedures, and data analysis.


The population from which the researcher plans to take the sample .The number of subjects and selection procedures are mentioned here.


It outlines the research plans. What will be done, how it will be done. What data and what data gathering device will be used etc.

Data analysis

How it will be anaysed. It should be specific and detailed. No details should be left open to question.

Part Seven


What resourses are used
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