Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can some one change the destiny?

Ak was depressed. Things were not happening as he had expected. He wondered is there a way out. By the time he reached home little Alverno ,his daughter, was in her beach wear. He remembered that he had promised her to take to the beach. He was not really in a mood but he knew the fragile little heart of a child.
In an hour his body was in the beach! The strong wind whisked his hair. He sat in the sand disheartened. The little girl chuckled and ran through the smooth sand and splashed into the waves.
Suddenly her attention was on her dad. In a jiffy, she knew he was not in his usual self. To cheer her dad she pointed to the colourful sailing boats yonder and wondered ,”dad, how could those boats move so fast?

“Its because the wind which blows on the sails”, he answered coldly.

Then’ , she wondered, ”dad , the wind is blowing only in one direction, but each boat is moving in a different direction ,why is this so?”

‘It depends on how you set the sail” retorted the dad.
“So dad , we can’t change the direction of the wind; but definitely we can change the sail!”Chuckling ,she ran into the water.

He brooded over her remark for a while then vanquished his disposition, got up and hugged his daughter with a new revelation and jumped into the bouncing waves!

Friends ponder over!

Photo courtesy :
Trainer Ajith kumar Chelote


  1. Good post. It's all about what we say it's about!

  2. Dear Daane Gingrich,
    Thamks for visiting and the comment.

  3. Hey Life Art Trainer, I have something on my blog under the post "My First Award"

  4. I enjoyed this, the subtle changes we make can make a dramatic change in our lives from one direction to another.

    "Walker, there is no road, only wind-trails in the sea" ~Antonio Machado~

  5. Dear Cryos,
    Thank you for the post and the beautiful quate.


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