Monday, November 9, 2009

Do we get back what we give to others?

Little Gargi was cross with her mother. As cross as any other child would be! She sat near the river bank and wept bitterly as any other child would.. Time elapsed and little Gargi stopped crying and lifted her little head a little up. She found the birds flying home. Suddenly she noticed Slowly, but surely, the crimson sky was turning murky! She didn’t want to go home ;but had a shudder in the heart when the murky sky showed its teeth at her in the horizon! In desperation she stood up and stamped her food and shouted aloud, “I hate you!” In a few seconds the river echoed back “I hate you!”, followed by the rumbling of the sky! The child was nonplused and ran to its mom in great fear! By the time she reached home ,the little child was almost exasperated and cried out that there is a bad girl at the river bank who shouted back “I hate you”, to her. Luckily, the mother was not a numb-skull and took the child back to the river bank .Keeping aside her scientific temper, she asked the child to shout “I love you” to the bad girl on the other side of the river. Lo! in no time came back the reply “I love you”. The little child looked at the mother in wonderment!

“You always get back what you give to others!” Said the mother beaming!

Friends ponder over!

Trainer Ajith kumar Chelote


  1. I liked that! Really cute but so true when you really think about it. :) Thanks for following; that's lil' ol' me in my display and background pics. Looking forward to your blogs!


  2. Thank you. We will be in touch.You look grat in there!


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