Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can faith really move mountains?!

                 My Granny told me a story when I was a child.Was it  Ramakrishaparamahasas?!!or Panchatantra??In olden days ,in some part of India ,hermits ( French Hermites, and Rushis in Sanskrit),who had great wealth of knowledge and sagacity lived. They were held in great respect by both the kings and the subjects. So, in some part of the southern India, a hermit lived in a quaint village, at the banks of river ‘Godavari’. He had learnt all the’ Vedas ‘(the spiritual treatise of the Hindus) and was held in great respect.

                    An uneducated, poor milk made lived on the other side of the river bank. In the wee hours ,she used to supply him cow’s milk, as it is an essential part of the Hindu rituals. Days and months went on like this. She never supplied milk late; not even a single day.
                              Seasons were changing, and it was the onset of ‘monsoon’ (a period of rain ;from the Arabic word ‘mawsim’) in India.The hermit was a bit worried one day, as it was late for his daily rituals, because of the milk maid’s late arrival!The following week the milk maid was late and the hermit was annoyed .So, he decided to find out the reason for her delay before reprimanding her .To an inquire, she replied that she is delayed at the river bank as the rover of the boat comes late now a days, and it is not her own fault. The hermit was convinced and did not scold her. He asked her with a quirky sense of humour, that why can’t she walk across the river and come on time.
                  From the next day on, somehow she was on time, and the hermit was happy. A month elapsed and she was not late even a single day! The hermit was curious and asked her how she managed the boat rower to bring her in time. She retorted that she doesn’t care for the boat rower any more as she is walking across the river as advised by the hermit! And she had full faith in his advice .The hermit was shocked to hear it. How could someone walk on water! His shock turned into anger as he thought she was mocking at him. He wanted to teach her a lesson. So he asked her to show him how she walked on the water! The milk maid walked on the water effortlessly and crossed the river. The hermit was astounded! He wanted to test the power of his own words .Slowly, hesitatingly he started walking on the water and lo, got drowned in the river!!
Friends, ponder over!

Trainer Ajith kumar Chelote

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  1. Faith is a powerful thing...It appears from your story that lack of it is also...That story brought this quote to mind.

    "Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to." ~George Seato


I value your openion.Remember ,words once spoken can not be taken back!