Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is contentment?

Friends ,here is a story send by one of  my “blogger” friends, Kripal Singh .An Indian industrialist (lala) asked his ‘Munshi’ (hindi word meaning Secretary)'how much wealth is left in his coffer ?And the Secretary replied that it is sufficient up to his 8th Generation ,but may not be enough for his 9th generation! The industrialist was greatly worried about it and remained in a sad mood there after.He was worried about his 9th Generation! One day he happened to meet a saint who asked him the reason for his sadness. The industrialist explained about his worry. The saint said that it is a small problem and he can overcome it by donating just 2 kg of flour to a poor family every day for a month .So the next evening the industrialist went to the nearby colony and knocked at the door of a poor family. An old woman appeared from the tattered hut. The Industrialist was happy to see the women in rags and offered to donate some flour (atta) to the family. The old woman called out her daughter and enquired how much flour is left in her house. The daughter replied that it is sufficient up to next night. Hearing this, the old woman asked the industrialist to come in the morning of the day after, as they have sufficient flour in the house up to the next night.

The industrialist started home sad and in deep thought. The contentment on the face of the old women troubled him further. On his way, it came to his mind that when the old woman is not worried of her lively hood for the day after morrow ,why should he be worried about his 9th generation!! His sadness vanished!!

Friends ,ponder over!

Trainer Ajith kumar Chelote

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