Monday, October 12, 2009

News papers Hail Junior Chamber Internation-India-Ajith Kumar

JCI -India-Zone conference 2009 at Srikakulam at Hotel Vijetha Inn
Mrs.K.ArunaKumari,Member of Indian Parliament( woman in Sari-standing),PraisesJCI..
(Up from middle to your leftside in front row) General legal Council Appaji, , ZVPSiva prasad ,    ZVP &Trainer Ajith Kumar.ZVP.Shankar and con director Munukoti.

(from your right to left, front row)Dr Murali ND Training ,Past Jc FoundationChairman Manohar,Past EVP Sen.KV.Rao,Mnicipal Chair person Mrs.Padmavathi,MLA Dharmana, GLC ,and ZP Mallesh , etc.are seen.Sri Dharmana Prasada Rao honarable minister for Revenue was held up due to Floods in Karnool.

Trainer Ajith kumar Chelote

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