Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life is full of Choices

Did you ever see how people worship the deity in a temple? How they venerate the statue of God? What precious things they offer? Did you ever notice the “Dwarapalakas” (the statues roughly carved ,and placed at the temple gate as gate keepers -see the picture)at the temple gate?

So, one day, the Dwarapalaka in a temple, in India, was very upset. It was upset because, no pilgrim ever even offered it a flower. Whereas the deity inside was offered rich and precious things.

So ,the Dwarapalaka decided to clarify this from the statue of the God itself. He asked ,”My dear God, you and I belong to the same mountain. Infact we both are carved out of same rock. But why people venerate you so much and neglect me all the time? Is this what you call justice?”

God smiled and said, “Dear Dwarapalka, do you remember when we were the part of the same rock a few years ago?”Yes, of course”. the Dwaraplaka said. So you would also remember what the sculptor had asked us before he started carving us? He asked you and me that how may strokes we were willing to take from his chisel and hammer. And you said as few as possible. And I said as many as the sculptor pleases. So there you are as ugly as a gate keeper, uncared for, and here I am transformed in to a beautiful statue , venerated my millions! In either way it was our own choices and there is no meaning in complaining. God retorted.

So ,friends ,
 Life is full of choices;and every choice has it own consiquences!
Ponder over :How many strokes are you willing to take?

And that will determine who you are and what you aregoing to be!

Trainer Ajith kumar Chelote


  1. I enojoyed this post! I appreciate the sincere comment you left on my blog. Hopefully, we can continue to inpire each other in the future.

  2. So inspirational. I fully agree, one has to do little or big sacrifice to achieve one's life's goals. It's our choice. I will be a frequent visitor to your blog :)

  3. Ajith,

    Thank you for visiting Your time and consideration are appreciated.

    Your blog presents powerful stories of what is possible within. Your work enables others to tell stories of their own.

    All the best!

  4. hey frnds thats really nice post...a gud real theory about life :)


  5. a very nice theory of life

    hope u like to follow my blog too....

  6. Thanks for the visit. Interesting post

    Kate x


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